Investment Portfolio App



The Problem

With the ever increasing amount of funds Invictus Capital has put out into the market, there was no central place for a user to check the growth and status of their investments and easily and quickly exchange or trade.

The Solution

Alongside the design and implementation of a customer portal to allow users to sign up and run through the AML and KYC processes, I designed a mobile cryptocurrency portfolio application which would allow an Invictus Capital investor to easily check the status of their investments. The user would be able to check live, real time price fluctuations relative to the market and trade and exchange on their device.

Role & Responsibility

As VP of Creative, I lead the strategy from concept to roll out. With access to a thriving community of 40,000+ investors on social platform Dis-chord, I conducted user research and surveys to understand what our users wanted from a portfolio app. I created wire frames, user journeys and prototypes; presented to stakeholders to gather further feedback and iterate.


A simple crypto portfolio app MVP solution with a clean and modern interface that was easy and intuitive to use which was cohesive to the brand.