Makeba app feature updates



As this was right at the start of the COVID pandemic, we prioritised all features that were going to directly benefit the users from actioning items solely on the app. (For reference, in Africa there is still a huge requirement to keep a paper trail as not meany institutions are digital yet, therefore a need for people to apply for things in person. Focussing on the pensioner target group, we decided to work with the local post offices in Cape Verde to streamline a process and mitigating the need for a pensioner to stand in a long line, putting themselves at risk, to set up an account or draw their pension.

We also introduced a feature allowing another Makeba user to collect a pension on behalf of someone else (in the case where the pensioner did not have a smart phone, or was unable to collect themselves)



We looked at introducing a loyalty programme whereby users would earn points based on how they interacted with the app, the frequency and the different tasks they chose to fulfil.



I also worked on integrating the Makeba Money app with the Merchant app to easily transition between user and Marketplace.


The Makeba Money project involved tackling various updates and feature rollouts for the Makeba Money app. Continuing with the current look and feel of the Makeba Money app having taken over the position of Creative Director and lead designer on the Makeba Money project, the team and I worked through a series of feature requirements on the backlog.